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Helping You Through Difficult Financial Times and Problems!
  • Risk Management: analysis and review of insurance and risk assessment.
  • Tax Planning: business tax planning and individual tax planning.
  • Investment Planning: Advice concerning setting up your emergency fund and building investment wisely for the future.
  • Retirement Planning: Pre-Retirement planning, Retirement planning and Post-Retirement planning.


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Business Taxes/Individual Taxes
  • Individual Tax Preparation Services, includes all 1040 Forms and supporting schedules. All States. E-Filing. Tax Resolutions and Tax Problems. Estimated Taxes. Amended Taxes. Payment Agreements.
  • Business Tax Preparation Services, includes C-Corporation, S-corporation, LLC, LLP, Partnership, Not-For-Profit, DBA, Schedule C Businesses.
  • Tax Planning to minimize your tax liabilities so you can save more and pay less to the Government.
  • Competitive prices on all our tax preparations services.

Bookkeeping and Write-Up Services
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Bookkeeping and Write-Up Services.
  • Bookkeeping Services designed specifically for your unique small-business needs. You are never forced to accept a one-size-fits-all accounting system.
  • You will love our practical Bookkeeping/Write-Up process.
  • You continue to process and do your day-to-day transactions (bills, invoices, payments, deposits) while we take care of your annoying and recurring tax compliance and bookkeeping work on a monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basic. 
  • What works for you and is best for you is best for us.

Payroll Services
  • Payroll Services for your Employees, Helpers and contractors.
  • Keep your small-business in compliance with federal and state employee wage guidelines and procedures.
  • Make sure you classify and pay workers correctly to avoid the severe penalties.
  • Let us do a payroll audit for you.
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