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THE "KISS" SYSTEM: - Keep It Simple And Save.
Save Time by outsourcing your Tax and Bookkeeping affordable to an experienced professional. Save time by getting the job done right the first time around. Save time by always knowing just where you are financially.

Save Money by reducing your tax bill with the proper tax planning and financial strategies. Save money by partnering with an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), Accredited Business Accountant (ABA), Accredited Tax TripAdvisor (ATA), Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP), Certified Bookkeeper (CB) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) professional.


Imagine Your Business on the Fast-Track.
Imagine having your own Tax-Accountant or Full-Charge Bookkeeper or your personal CFO, for your business? Now, imagine actually paying less than the cost of hiring a Part-Time Bookkeeper? And, since I'm not a CPA Firm, I do not charge Firm prices. Yes, Keep It Simple And Save!
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Mission Statement:     

Enjoy helping small business owners navigate the tax and bookkeeping chaos, misinformation and frustrations. Believes if small-business owners get just two things right then they will be free to pursue their dreams, profits and the balanced, family-centered life they seek.

These two things are (1) Taxes and (2) Bookkeeping:

(1) Taxes are inevitable. 
You can't escape taxes. However, with the right tax advice and tax planning, you can easily tame the tax monster.

(2) Bookkeeping (Record-Keeping)
For the small-business owner, Bookkeeping is the solution and tool that tames the tax monster - when tax time comes around. Tax-Planning and Tax-Savings are lost without proper bookkeeping. Bookkeeping should be kept as simple and as uncomplicated as your small-business needs. Remember the KISS System: "Keep It Simple And Save". When your business becomes BIG enough I'll be happy to refer you to more sophisticated systems. Until then ...  just keep it simple and save.


Since 1985 Mr. Cook has worked and partnered with small-businesses and entrepreneurs as  a 
solo-practitioner, Tax and Bookkeeping practice.


Personal Statement: 
"I prefer working with individuals and small-businesses one-on-one and confidentially. A small Tax and Bookkeeping practice helping Service-Centered, Small-Businesses, Home-Based Businesses, Start-Ups, Sub-Contractors, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers - Keep It Simple And Save.
I prefer to Keep It Simple and pass the Savings on to my clients. Life and business can easily become chaotic and difficult. Keeping your balance seems almost impossible. However, I have proved time and again that by keeping your personal and business financials simple and up to date you become free to spend your time growing your business and enjoying your life, while having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financials are organized.

 Since we cannot legally escape taxes, our best option is to organize our business affairs to keep up with the tax laws and save every tax dollar we legally can save. In my many years of working as a Tax-Accountant, the one constant I've observed again and again is that you do not want to fall behind with or get awry with the IRS (or your State Taxes). And, the best way to do this is by having in place a simple and workable record-keeping or bookkeeping system. Your bookkeeping system should be simple enough so that it is not overwhelming, expensive or all consuming. Yet, it should be comprehensive enough to meet your small-business needs while saving you tax dollars and keeping you out of harms way with the tax authorities. Your solution is to affordable and simply partner with  a Tax and Bookkeeping Pro who can accomplish this for you. M Cook Taxes can help! Call or contact us Now!" 
Tired of Taxes? Dislike doing Bookkeeping?
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Michael A. Cook, EA, LPA (DE), CFP, ABA, ATA, ATP, CB
New York State Notary Public
Certifications:     Enrolled Agent (EA),
                            Public Accountant, State of Delaware (LPA)
                            Certified Financial Planner , (CFP),
                            Accredited Business Accountant (ABA),
                            Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA),
                            Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP),
                            Certified Bookkeeper (CB).
                            Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR).

Member:             National Society of Accountants (NSA), 
                            National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA),
                            Institute of Management Accountants (IMA),
                            The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB),
                            Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA),
                            Freelancers Union.

Mr. Cook was born in Jamaica, West Indies; but, US educated and trained, and practices out of New York City (NYC).
- CL, New York, NY. 4/2012 -
Strange & Interesting facts: 
   All income from whatever source is taxable, unless specifically excluded by the Tax Code.
   In the US you are considered Innocent Until Proven Guilty. However, the IRS Tax Code says You are Guilty until you prove yourself innocent.
Never take Tax Advice from a salesman, unless you want to drive your Accountant crazy....

Mr. Cook, thank you for always being there for me!! I truly appreciate your business advice, financial guidance, experience and the understanding you bring to my business and all my financial matters. Couldn't do it without you!
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