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Save Time, Money, & Alleviate Headaches by managing your Tax Deadlines and responsibilities.

Things to consider !

  • Are you having Problems meeting Tax Filing Deadlines?
  • Wondering Why You're always Working hard but Cash Squeezed?
  • Don't Understand Your Numbers and their importance to success?
  • Are you having recurring Cash-Flow problems?
  • Do you Imagine Having a Simple yet practical Record-Keeping System?
  • Did you know, Your Tax savings is directly related to your Record-Keeping System, or how important your record-keeping is to your business?
  • You handle your day-to-day transactions (receipts, bills, payments, deposits) and we handle the monthly, quarterly and/or yearly filing/compliance work.
  • Do You work from a Place of Service, Integrity and Trust? 
  • Then, Partner with an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), Tax-Accounting, and Financial Professional.
  • We work Virtually using Cloud Based Technology from anywhere. 
  • You Never have to visit my office. 
  • Now, isn't that easy?

Personal Statement:​
Michael Cook LLC has been providing individuals and small-businesses affordable and professional Tax and Bookkeeping solutions since 1985.  "I do not claim to be the biggest or the best; but, each day I strive to provide you with the best Tax, Bookkeeping, and Financial Solutions; while delivering the most affordable, no-gimmick, and no-nonsense experience." Tax and Bookkeeping solutions within and beyond the Valley Stream, Brooklyn, Queens, New York City (NYC), and surrounding areas. "Using technology, I'll work with you virtually (or remotely) from anywhere within the US."

Your Business:

Our Offer:
Lots of companies can do your taxes and bookkeeping and promise to treat you well. At Michael A. Cook LLC, providing great Tax and Bookkeeping services, and a personalized small-business experience, are more than just words: It is what I do. I do not require any long-term contracts. You pay only for the Tax and/or Bookkeeping services you truly need. This way, you are in control of the services and work performed and you get to know you’re partnering with someone who knows your business. “Good enough” is just not an option for your tax and bookkeeping services.


Business Success
you can't win without.

Your Business Success and Survival Depends on the Following:

Taxes are inevitable. You can't escape taxes. However, taxes do not have to be a burden. Taxes can be planned and managed. And, with the proper Cash-Flow Management System in place, you will not be surprised when tax payments come due. We can help....

 Every small-business needs a simple, affordable and practical way to manage and organize the business financials, which leads to a smooth and manageable tax experience. The one helps the other: bookkeeping supports the taxes, and tax savings comes through proper bookkeeping. "You can't have one without the other." We can help....

If you have employees, others working for you, or even if you are the sole-owner of a business then you must make sure you correctly classify all your workers - including yourself - and make sure you comply with all applicable payroll filing, HR and related regulatory requirements. The penalties for miss-classifying an employee, or making a payroll error, can easily become enormous. We can help....

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What Do You Need?


Do you need help to:
  • Comply with IRS and State tax regulations and filings, 
  • timely and correctly pay your workers,helpers and contractors, 
  • keep track of your income and expenses, 
  • track your cash-flow in order to pay your bills when due,
  • determine your profit or loss. 
Or, perhaps, you just wish to: 
  • concentrate on running your business and doing what you do best, 
  • have someone else take care of the hassles of the tax and bookkeeping work,
  • have your business financials finally organized, 
  • run your business and not have it run your life!
Or, perhaps you don't care to:
  • employ a full-time employee Bookkeeper or Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
  • have all the payroll expenses and ancilliary overhead costs of hiring and keeping an in-house Bookkeeper or CFO,
  • worry about keeping up with the constantly changing tax laws,
  • be un-prepared again when tax time comes around,
  • be surprised and stressed when tax payments comes due because you are caught off-guard again,
  • pay too much for too little, or pay for services you don't need. 

If you need Tax and/or Bookkeeping services or if you would just like to ask a tax, bookkeeping or financial question, I'd love to hear from you.

Send me a quick note using the form to the right or call me at (516) 872-4247 or e-mail mcook@mcooktaxes.com
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